The Village Garden

On the 8th December 1961 the deeds of the village garden were passed to Kings Langley Parish Council by the garden’s trustees, Dr Reginald Fisher, Mr Lewis Dean and Mr A. C. Loader for “the benefit of the people in the village”. The land originally formed part of the estate of the Groome family and was saved from commercial use by public donations. For the previous ten years the garden had been maintained by Dr and Mrs Fisher and friends, who had “converted the site into the restful garden it is today”. They had also added “a boundary fence alongside the churchyard and for the picturesque iron gates at the garden entrance on that side”.

Additional Notes re the Fisher family
“The Fisher family had strong connections with the church and both Dr Frederick and Dr Reginald were Churchwardens. The family acquired and tended the village garden and gave the gates”.
Dr Fisher (RAMC) and his brother Mortimer (Captain, 1st West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’ Own)), the Sons of Dr Frederick and Mrs Clara Fisher, both fought in the First World War. Sadly, Mortimer was killed in action in France (Aisne) on 20 September 1914, aged 31. He is remembered at La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial and on the village memorial, but has no known grave. Reginald was wounded in the same battle but survived the war and became the village’s much respected Doctor.
Dr Frederick Fisher lived at Little Hayes in the High Street and was a Parish Council Councillor.
KISMS : 97.367 

The Gazette – 9 March 1951 


The proposed garden at the corner of Watford-road and Church-lane, which was turned down at the Festival of Britain meeting on 22nd February, is going forward at an estimated cost of £560.
County Councillor Mrs Grace Fisher is organising the raising of funds and the organisation of labour for maintenance. It is hoped that the money will be raised by March 31st.
KISMS : 97.372

Langley Times & Recorder, Saturday 9 December 1961


Village Garden Passes To Care Of Parish Council

THE Kings Langley Parish Council meeting on Friday was something of an historical occasion for it saw the official handling over of the Village Garden and the transfer of the deeds.
The Council Chairman, Cllr. A. G. Cook, welcomed the three trustees. Dr. R. Fisher, Mr. Lewis Dean and Mr. A. C. Loader, who were accompanied by their wives. Cllr. Cook said that it gave him great pleasure to welcome the visitors on behalf of the Parish Council for the historic event of the handing over of the Village Garden for the benefit of the people in the village.
He went on to introduce the members of the Council to the visitors.
Dr. Reginald Fisher, who handed over the Deed of Conveyance, gave a short background history of the garden and how it came to be acquired. He said that the history of the land was a little obscure but there was reference to it in Cromwellian times.
He spoke of the Groome family, whose estate the land originally formed a part, and of the break-up of the estate when the family moved away. He said that at the time they had an option on the land, but outside interests were endeavouring to buy with the object of erecting a petrol filling station there. It was this that finally stirred them into action.
He went on to explain how his wife had approached Mr. Loader with the object of raising funds. Mr. Lewis Dean and Mr. Albert Timberlake were also approached, and became guarantors.
The money was finally raised and the land saved for the village and with that they found themselves as trustees. He then handed over the deeds to Cllr. Cook.
In accepting the document, Cllr. Cook moved the following resolution. “That this meeting of the Kings Langley Parish Council wishes to place on record its deep appreciation of the kindness of the Trustees of the Village Garden in enabling it to be permanently secured for the use of the parish and its people.
“It acknowledges with sincere thanks the receipt of the Deed of Conveyance handed over tonight.
“Most particularly the Council appreciates the great service rendered by Dr. and Mrs. Fisher who, with the help of friends, converted the site into the restful garden it is today and maintained it for the past ten years.
“Moreover the Council thanks them for the provision of a boundary fence alongside the churchyard and for the picturesque iron gates at the garden entrance on that side.’
The Council’s Vice-Chairman, Cllr. I. Kinlock, in seconding the resolution, said, “I would like to associate myself with all that has been said, and would like to mention the double anniversary which Dr. and Mrs. Fisher are celebrating this year. It is the 40th anniversary of their wedding and the doctor’s 50th year as a practitioner in the village.”
Mr. A. C. Loader spoke next, and in jocular mood said, “I am quite deaf and haven’t heard a word that has been said, but I think the occasion is of ‘deeds’ rather than words, and as one of the trustees I am only too happy to hand over the garden into the immortal hands of the Parish Council.”
He concluded by saying, “I hope the Parish Council will, in the years to come, allow me to come down in my bath chair and rest in your pleasant garden.”